Recently His Holiness the 17th Karmapa visited the Halscheid Retreat Center, known by its Tibetan name as ‘Karma Tekchen Yi Ong Ling’.

We were immeasurably blessed by his presence and his active interest: a truly auspicious occasion full of inspiration and energy. Being able to offer our Center like a flower to His Holiness was due in no small way to the warm and spirited communication and participation of our dedicated community.

With His Holiness’ express encouragement we are beginning a new Three Year Retreat Cycle on the 20th of November 2016, the fourth under the leadership of our own Lama Kunga Dorje. We plan to work with a maximum of seven or eight qualified participants.

His Holiness emphasized that we continue the flexible aspects of our program, allowing for the realities of contemporary life and responsibilities to family and work, so that participants have the opportunity to complete the retreat in sections of different time spans. As much as possible Halscheid retreat Center will also continue to present programs and continue to offer a limited number of spaces for individual Mahamudra retreats.

Lama Kunga and all of us at Halscheid wish also to appeal for those who can act as sponsors! We need your help!

To those who perhaps cannot themselves participate, but wish to earn merit and goodwill by sponsoring: one or more retreatants, a particular program in the Cycle or the Three Year Cycle in general

In keeping with our express desire to keep these invaluable teachings within financial reach of as many as possible, we urge any of you who are personally able, to express your support for Halscheid Retreat Center through your donation, either directly financial or as a volunteer.

We also welcome any feedback as we prepare for this auspicious event. Please send us your thoughts, your wishes, and your advice!
Here is the bank account if you like to sponsor the retreat or peole doing it.

Schedule of three-year retreat 2016- 2020, 1st YEAR

* Beginning of the retreat: Sunday, 20/11/2016
   14:30 teachings for three-year retreat with Lama Kunga

* Teachings on the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
  Part 1: refuge, Bodhicitta and prostrations: Instructor: Lama Kunga
    Monday, 21.11., 9:30 o’clock Tuesday, 22.11. 2016 after lunch
    Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

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* Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro), Part 1:
   Monday, 21.11. 2016 – Friday, 17.02.2017
The first part, going for refuge and developing an enlightened attitude, are wonderful and effective methods to calm and reduce the fixation on „I“ as the source of all painful states of mind.
With the determination to attain enlightenment, and thereby be of benefit to all sentient beings we can build a solid foundation of focus on the Dharma.
The many prostrations that are connected to this first part of the Ngondro practice strengthen our commitment and help us to reduce our arrogance in order to develop tolerance and to open our hearts.

* Teachings on the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 2: Vajrasattva
Instructor: Lama Kunga
   Friday, 17.2, 19 pm – Sunday, 19.2. 2017 after lunch
   Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 2: Vajrasattva

   Friday, 02.17 .. 2017 – Friday, 19.05.2017
The second part of the preliminary practices is the Vajrasattva practice, in which we cleanse our inner obstacles, confusion, diseases, and our habitual tendency to harmful conduct and thereby cleanse the karma accumulated over many lifetimes. We hereby loosen our tendency to hold on to negative conditions and practices in order to provide greater clarity in our minds.

* Teachings on the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 3: Mandala offering
Instructor: Lama Kunga
   . Friday, 19.5, 19 pm – Sunday, 21.5. 2017 after lunch
   Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 3: Mandala offering

   Friday, 19.05. 2017 – Friday, 23.06.2017
The third of the preliminary practices is the Mandala Offering. The practice of continual offering helps us to reduce our habitual tendency to grasp after everything pleasant and attractive. Instead we offer the best and most beautiful imaginary worlds we can think of with a whole, open heart, without holding to our possessiveness. We become open, generous and satisfied, and at the same time gather enormous amounts of merit and wisdom.
* Teachings on the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 4: Guru Yoga
Instructor: Lama Kunga
   . Friday, 23.6, 19 pm – Sunday, 25.6. 2017 after lunch
   Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 4: Guru Yoga

   Friday, 06/23/17. 2017 – Friday, 25.08.2017
The fourth and final part of Ngöndro is Guru Yoga. Here we evoke the blessing of the unbroken, authentic transmission line of our lineage, an essential and vital part of Vajrayana practice. Real devotion to our teacher, guru and meditation master means appreciating the precious information of profound and precious meditations he or she provides us with, as well as being thankful these ancient teachings are still practical for us today. We merge our minds with the teacher, uncovering and maturing our innate qualities of self-liberation. 

The practice of Guru Yoga

The practice of guru yoga meditation links us directly with the inspiration and the blessing of the master and masters of our transmission line. It is a very powerful practice that familiarizes us with the profound knowledge and techniques passed down through generations, individually from teacher to student.
The practice of Guru Yoga, which we learned during the ‚preliminary practices‘ will now be deepened. Our particular guru yoga practice here is that devoted to the great Tibetan teacher and poet/saint Milarepa, widely admired and loved everywhere in Tibet. His life story is a striking example of the realization that comes from the immense power of blessing that flows through the devotion to the Guru in our practice. This blessing power is still unbroken. Joining our own mind with that of the guru, awakens his qualities in us.

 * Teachings to Milarepa Guru Yoga Instructor: Lama Kunga
   . Friday, 25/08, 19 am – Sunday, 08.27. 2017 after lunch
   Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice of Milarepa Guru Yoga
   Friday 25.8.- Friday, 22.09.2017


Jetsun Milarepa had committed serious crimes in his youth and killed with black magic a large part of his family, and he was seized by a desperate remorse. He was looking for a teacher who could show him the way to get rid of the entanglement of the never-ending cycle of existence, and found him in his teacher Marpa.
Marpa treated Milarepa with unimaginable severity before giving Milarepa the meditation instructions he desired. By unwavering faith in his teacher and the great energy with which he gave himself in his practice, Milarepa succeeded in acquiring enlightenment in one lifetime. He is famous for his spontaneous poetic songs in which he gave expression to his profound teachings.

Prayer of serious commitment
Son of the lineage of Lord Naropa’s path of liberation,
please bless this beggar that he stay in mountain retreats.
Do not be swayed by the demon of worldly distractions
but deepen meditative concentration.
Without getting caught in clinging to Shamatas pond
May the flower of Vipashyana blossom
Unaffected and untroubled by stress and tension,
Let the foliage of simplicity unfold.
Without the slightest discord in my Retreat
Let the fruit reach maturity – experience and realization.
With the demons family powerless to hinder it,
may I gain final certainty to understand my mind.
On the way of skillful means, unclouded by doubt
may the son find his way in the footsteps of his father.
Blessed and compassionate, essence of Akshobhya,
please bless this beggar to remain in mountain retreats.

* Teachings on Karma Pakshi guru Yoga Instructor: Lama Kunga
   . Friday, 22/09, 19 am – Sunday, 09.25. 2017 after lunch
   Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice of Karma Pakshi Guruyoga
   Friday 22.9.- Friday, 27.10. 2017
On 22.9. begins the Guru Yoga Time Karma Pakshi practice.


* Teachings for Shamata- (Shine), Lhagtong- and Mahamudra Meditation
    Instructor: Lama Kunga
    . Friday, 27/10, 19 am – Sunday, 10/29/2017, after lunch
    Course fees:. 150 Euro, including lodging and food

* Practice of Shamata- (Shine) Meditation
   Friday, 10.27. – Monday, 11.27. 2017

* Practice of Mahamudra Meditation
   Monday, 27.11. – Tuesday, 26.12.2017
On the way to discovering the true nature of our mind, „deep, peaceful and simple, clear and unformed“ (Buddha Shakyamuni), the meditation of Shamata is an indispensable method.
Our mind tends to leap from one thought to another, and we perceive it as a great challenge to keep our attention during meditation. A solid foundation of calm, concentrated abiding is enormously helpful and an essential aid to other meditation methods such as the visualization practice of generation stage and finally mastering the completion stage or Mahamudra.
Once we have we reached a stable foundation of calm, concentrated abiding, we are able to continue with the practice of Vipassana, or insight meditation, and through this practice observe our mind both at rest or moving. This allows us to be prepared to be able to finally master the completion stage or Mahamudra.