ARCHIVE 25.06. – 25.08.2017 Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro) Part 4: Guru Yoga

Practice the ‚preliminary practices‘ (Ngöndro)
   Part 4: Guru Yoga

   Sunday, 06/25/ 2017 – Friday, 08/25/2017
The fourth and final part of Ngöndro is Guru Yoga. Here we evoke the blessing of the unbroken, authentic transmission line of our lineage, an essential and vital part of Vajrayana practice. Real devotion to our teacher, guru and meditation master means appreciating the precious information of profound and precious meditations he or she provides us with, as well as being thankful these ancient teachings are still practical for us today. We merge our minds with the teacher, uncovering and maturing our innate qualities of self-liberation. 

The practice of Guru Yoga

The practice of guru yoga meditation links us directly with the inspiration and the blessing of the master and masters of our transmission line. It is a very powerful practice that familiarizes us with the profound knowledge and techniques passed down through generations, individually from teacher to student.
The practice of Guru Yoga, which we learned during the ‚preliminary practices‘ will now be deepened. Our particular guru yoga practice here is that devoted to the great Tibetan teacher and poet/saint Milarepa, widely admired and loved everywhere in Tibet. His life story is a striking example of the realization that comes from the immense power of blessing that flows through the devotion to the Guru in our practice. This blessing power is still unbroken. Joining our own mind with that of the guru, awakens his qualities in us.