ARCHIVE 26.11. – 26.12.2017 Practice of Mahamudra Meditation

Practice of Mahamudra Meditation
   Sunday, 11/26 – Tuesday, 12/26/2017
On the way to discovering the true nature of our mind, „deep, peaceful and simple, clear and unformed“ (Buddha Shakyamuni), the meditation of Shamata is an indispensable method.
Our mind tends to leap from one thought to another, and we perceive it as a great challenge to keep our attention during meditation. A solid foundation of calm, concentrated abiding is enormously helpful and an essential aid to other meditation methods such as the visualization practice of generation stage and finally mastering the completion stage or Mahamudra.
Once we have we reached a stable foundation of calm, concentrated abiding, we are able to continue with the practice of Vipassana, or insight meditation, and through this practice observe our mind both at rest or moving. This allows us to be prepared to be able to finally master the completion stage or Mahamudra.