ARCHIVE 26.12.17-01.01.18 Amitabha Retreat

Amitabha Retreat – Sadhana Practice and Ganacakra
Course Instructor: Lama Kunga Dorje

Start: Tuesday, December 26, at 7 PM
End: Monday, January 1, after lunch

Fee: 240 Euros [includes all meals and accommodation]

To use the time of the changing of the year in a meaningful way for us as well as for others, we will meet again this holiday season for our annual Amitabha Retreat.  This year the retreat has been extended an extra day.
Amitabha Buddha is the meditation deity associated with the divine realm of Sukhavati (tib: Dewachen). He is called “Buddha of Limitless Light”, because his activity permeates all clouded states of our being and clears away all suffering.
By doing Amithaba practice – reciting mantras, prayers and practising the sadhana – we can support those who have departed this life on their further path, clear away states of suffering in ourselves and others, and help to create an auspicious compassionate foundation for the coming year.
Those of us who have lost someone dear can dedicate the positive merit of the retreat to them, as well as to all other sentient beings. For those who have passed away in the course of the past year, there will be a special ‘bardo puja’ on the 31st of December.
On the morning of New Years Day we will celebrate the beginning of the year with an auspicious ‘Ribosang,’ a smoke offering ritual for happiness and world peace.