ARCHIVE 15-18.09.17 Empowerments and Teachings with Tulku Damcho Rinpoche

15-18 September 2017

Begins: Friday September 15 at 19.00
Ends: Monday September 18 after lunch

Course Fee: 300 euros (includes all Empowerments, all meals and accommodations)
Course Fee without meals and accomodation: 180 Euros

Attendence for Empowerments alone is possible:
Mahakala, Milarepa Guru Yoga, Vajrakilaya, Green Tara Empowerments: 40 Euros
Chöd Empowerment: 50 euros

As part of his annual European visit, we are once again happy to welcome Tulku Damcho Rinpoche to Halscheid, and share in his wisdom, kindness and special brand of humor!
Tulku Damcho trained at the monastery and shedra of one of the pre-eminent scholars and teachers in Vajrayana Buddhism: the Very Venerable Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche, our spiritual guide here at Halscheid.
In support of the upcoming second phase of the Three Year Retreat program at Halscheid, Tulku Damcho will present a special weekend of teachings, reading transmissions, and empowerments for the Milarepa Guru Yoga, Mahakala, Vajrakilaya, Geen Tara and Chöd practices, all fundamental stages in the traditional Three Year Retreat.
The weekend, designed especially for the participants and interested parties who will participate in all or part of the Retreat, is also open to all who wish to obtain the special blessing which the empowerments confer on one’s meditation practice now and in the future.
Empowerment Schedule

Friday, 15.09.2017
16:30 Preparation of Mahakala Empowerment
20:00 Mahakala Empowerment

Saturday, 16.09.2017
10:00 Milarepa Guruyoga Empowerment
14:30 Vajrakilaya Empowerment
19:00 Chöd Teachings, White Feast

Sunday, 17.09.2017
10:00 Preparation of Chöd Empowerment
14:30 Chöd Empowerment

Monday, 18.09.2017
10:00 Green Tara Empowerment