ARCHIVE 20-22.10.17 Karma Pakshi Practice Weekend

Course leader: Evelin Dosedla and Gerlinde Lunz

Start: Friday, October 20, 7 PM
End: Sunday, October 22, after lunch
Cost: 130 Euro, including meals and lodging

On this weekend we will have our traditional Karma Pakshi Practice Weekend held by our former Three-Year-Retreants Evelin Dosedla and Gerlinde Lunz. Both of them have performed two Three-Year-Retreats in Halscheid from 2003 to 2010.

There are no special requirements for attaining the course, so newcomers are welcome, too, to our common practice. It is a good opportunity to become more familiar with the practice and clarify questions regarding this practice. The weekend will end with a Ganachakra feast offering on Sunday.