Archive 07-09.09.18 Karma Pakshi Retreat with Ganachakra

Course Instructors:
Evelin Dosedla and Gerlinde Lunz

Course Schedule:
Begins: Friday September 7th at 19.00
Ends: Sunday September 9th after lunch

Course Fee:
130 euros [includes all meals and accommodation]

It is particularly through the profound practice of Guru Yoga that we are able to connect with the power of the Kagyu lineage masters and quickly receive their blessings.

Karma Pakshi [1204-1283] was the second Karmapa, renowned to this day as an embodiment of Vajrayana crazy wisdom and primordial awareness. In celebrating and supplicating him we invoke not only his bright illuminating energy and miraculous powers but through him, the supreme vitality and continuously unfolding presence of Mahamudra itself.

This weekend retreat will present the Guru Yoga practice of Karma Pakshi in its entirety, including instructions and practice of the sadhana and ending with a traditional Ganachakra or ‘great feast.’