Archive 05-07.10.18 Chod

Course Instructors:
Lama Kunga

Course Schedule:
Begins: Friday October 5th at 7 PM
Ends: Sunday October 7th after lunch

Course Fee:
150 euros [includes all meals and accommodation]

The practice of Chöd is taught by all Tibetan Buddhist schools. It is an extremely effective method for cutting the tight net of ego fixation that binds us to the endlessly turning wheel of suffering. The key point of this ‚cutting-through practice‘ is bringing deluded mind directly to its inherent pure nature, by recognizing it as equivalent to the enlightened state of the ‚Great Mother Prajnaparamita‘.

Through training in the method known as ‚Opening the Door to the Sky‘ we experience a state beyond duality and intellectualisation synonymous with Mahamudra. Simultaneously we develop limitless, impartial generosity free from ego-clinging.