Archive 14-16.12.18 Vajrayogini Sangha Practice and Firepuja

Course Instructors:
Lama Kunga

Course Schedule:
Begins: Friday, December 14th, at 7 PM
Ends: Sunday, December 16th, after lunch

Course Fee:
150 euros [includes all meals and accommodation]

Vajrayogini is generally considered the central ‘yidam’ or meditational diety in the Kagyu lineage. She appears in the classic dancing pose of the wisdom dakini as the personification of emptiness, her semi-wrathful naked appearance representing the naked realisation of mind’s nature. Though her dancing posture seems playful, she represents a fearsome and passionate compassion that demands our utmost respect. The Vajrayogini practice requires extensive preparation and study.

To conclude the practice phase of Vajrayogini, we will perform an intense common sangha practice, which ends with a fire puja.