18-22.04.19 Easter Retreat Konchog Chidu – Guru Rinpoche Practice

Course Instructor:
Lama Kunga Dorje

Course schedule:
Starts: Thursday April 18th, 2019 at 7 PM
Ends: Monday April 22, 2019 after lunch

Course fee:
200 Euro [includes all meals and accommodation]

The Guru Rinpoche Practice „Konchog Chidu“ („The Essence of the Three Jewels„), is a Terma text (treasure text) discovered by the great Terton (treasure finder) Rigdzin Jatson Nyingpo. It has extraordinary power to remove any kind of hindrance.

The special blessing of this sadhana is described in the „Prayer which Radiates the Light of Blessing„, a prayer of devotion to Guru Rinpoche:

„… However – in this degenerate time (these teachings) are a jewel that is poised on the head of a poisonous snake. If I, in these unclear and dark times, make a heartfelt promise with strong longing that stirs the depths of the vajra samaya of the deities of the Three Jewels and the Three Roots, then the extraordinary power of the Lamas – the Holders of the Three Kinds of Transmission, the Yidams and the multitude of the Dakinis, and the ocean of Dharma protectors, as well as through the power of the unchangeable, the truth, the nature and independence of phenomena – will allow the richness of the essential teachings to shine brightly, as the sun and moon bring light into the darkness, and bring to an end the darkening of unjustified attacks. May their victory secure this tradition of deep truth!
The excellent tradition, transmitted by Orgyen Rinpoche and the wisdom holders, has power over the three worlds and subdues the three kinds of existence. It is universally victorious and transgresses all appearances of phenomena. May it spread everywhere!“